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1. Safety regulations

    1. Safety regulations

    Safety Information

    This User Guide provides important safety, operation, warranty and other information. Please read it carefully before use this product. In order to ensure safe operation and optimal performance of the product, please follow the warnings, cautions, operating procedures and other instructions accordingly.

    1.1 Security Warning

    WARNING: Describes a hazard that lead to a personal injury or death.
    CAUTION: Describes a hazard that lead to a minor personal injury or
    product damage.

    1.2 Laser Safety Grade

    According to the European Community standards EN 60825-1, clause 9, thisseries of lasers are classified as a high power Class 4. This product emits invisible laser radiation at wavelength of 1064 nm, and the maximum power is 300W.


    Direct or indirect exposure of high power of laser radiation may cause damage to the eyes or skin. Despite the radiation being invisible, the beam may cause irreversible damage to the retina and cornea. Appropriate and approved laser goggles must be worn all the time during the laser device is operating.

    WARNING: Users must use appropriate laser goggles when operating this device. The laser goggles is selected according to the range of wavelength emitted from this product. Users must ensure that the pretect range of laser goggles over the entire range of laser wavelengths. Please do not directly view the laser output head when
    laser emitting.

    1.3 Safety Identification

    English Label / Chinese Label contains

    – Emmission class of Laser Head
    – Type 4 Laser Product
    – Class 2M Laser Product
    – 2mW Red Laser
    – Electrical Hazard
    – Laser Radiation Hazard

    1.4 Optical Safety

    Any dust on the end of the collimator assembly can burn the lens and damage the laser device.

    CAUTION: DO NOT emit when the protective cap is not removed,
    otherwise the lens or crystal will be damaged.

    1.5 Safety Identification

    a) Ensure the product is grounded through the PE line of the AC power cord. The grounding must be firm and reliable.
    WARNING: Any interruption from the protective earth will electrify
    the enclosure, which may result in personal injury.

    b) Ensure that the AC voltage is supplied normally.
    CAUTION: Wrong wiring mode or power supply voltage will cause an
    un recoverable damage to the laser device.